​Structural Engineering

   Industrial Buildings
   Commercial Buildings
   Residential Buildings
   Foundation Repair
   Retaining Walls
   Long Spans
   Structural Failure
   Damage Investigation
   Lifting Systems
   Truss Design
   Decorative Beams

  ​​Civil Engineering

​​   Industrial Buildings

   Commercial Development

   Storm Drainage and Flood Control

   Site Planning and Development
   Single and Multifamily Residential Site Design
   Subdivision Planning and Design
   Institutional Site Design
   Commercial Site Design
   Industrial Site Selection and Design
   Recreational Facilities and Parks
   Athletic Facilities and Complexes

   Zoning Permitting and Assistance

  Transportation Engineering

   Inland Port Facilities

​   Roadway Design
   Streetscape/Urban Revitalization Design
   Pedestrian/Vehicle Shared Used Design
   Mass Transit Facilities
   Railway Design
   Signalized Intersections
   Corridor Studies/Traffic Planning
   Feasibility Studies
   Traffic Control Plans
   Governmental Agency Permitting
   Right-of-Way Acquisition Services


   Master Project Scheduling
   Site Planning and Development
   Project Management and Administration
   Disaster Recovery Services
   Federal Grant Implementation and Administration
   Project Budgeting
   Construction Administration
   Construction Observation
   Utility Studies

   Site Investigation and Selection

   Utility Rate Studies

​   Urban Planning

   Master Planning

  Environmental Engineering

   National Environmental Policy Act Documentation
   NPDES Permitting and Monitoring
   Erosion/Siltation Control Plans
   Environmental Assessments
   Environmental Impact Statements
   Compliance/Permitting Assistance
   Corp of Engineers Permitting
   Regulatory Agency Coordination
   Flood/FEMA Studies
   Environmental Assessments
   Environmental Impact Statements
   Wetlands Delineation and Mitigation
   Regulatory Consultation
​   Litigation Support

​  Utility Engineering

​   Sanitary Sewer Collection System Design
   Industrial Wastewater Collection and Treatment
   Water Distribution and Fire Protection
   Storm Drainage Collection
   Utility Master Planning and Design
   Drainage Studies/Design
   Sewer System Rehabilitation
   Water & Sewer System Planning/Evaluation
   Watershed Management & Restoration
   System Infiltration/Capacity Analysis
   Water Supply Protection

​   Fluid Transfer Stations


   ​Observation (DOT, Commercial and Industrial)

   Construction Contract Management

   Preconstruction and Progress Meetings

   Construction Staking

   Record (As-Built) Drawings

  ​​Land Surveying

​   GPS

   Route Surveys

   Design Surveys

   Topographic Surveys

   Control Surveys

   Construction Staking

   Utility Surveys

   Drainage Surveys

   Boundary Surveys

   Right-of-Way Mapping

   Site Development Surveys

   Elevation Certificates

   Mortgage Surveys

   Alta Surveys